Published on 31 May, 2017

As the central feature of the home the living room should reflect your personal taste and style. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the budget to drop thousands to outfit our living spaces with designer couches and Persian rugs. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make your home look like a million bucks. Here are our must-haves for your luxury living room:


With the right seating the living room can be both luxurious and comfortable. Think leather couches, a lot of small cushions, and stylish accent chairs that are the perfect place to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. A tree-root coffee table will feel like a piece of art. You can add some unique rugs to make your room look even more luxurious. The right rug can transform the look of the room completely. If you are not sure what colour you should go with, you can always choose a neutral rug and combine it with a glass table and glass chairs. Love the look of marble tables, but hate that marble price? You can make your very own marble table top using a wooden coffee table and marble contact paper. Focus on the color that dominates the room as the color scheme, and use that color for matching or contrast. Once you identify your color scheme, you can go shopping for your furniture or move furniture from other rooms to test it all out. If your room is smaller, make sure you use furniture in lighter colours.

Luxurious Furniture


White paint can make or break a room. The same white paint that makes one room seem magical can make another look frighteningly chilly. As with all colors, white has an associated temperature, mood, light reflectivity, and style. If you are into white paint, add furniture and decorations with warmer and brighter colours. To achieve an active look designers often choose the primary colours on the colour wheel. The use of strong unmixed colours like red, grey, and orange will fit this look best. If a more relaxing colour is what you are looking for, then white and grey are key. If you can’t figure out what colour you want, it is always a good idea to ask a professional for advice. A painted ceiling is great to complement the living room decor. A darker coloured ceiling will help ‘lower’ a very high room, while a light one will heighten it.

Artwork for a Luxutious Living Room


When it comes to artwork, choose pieces that not only look beautiful, but also have personal meaning to you and your family. Consider adding a piece created by a local artist or a special treasure found during a family vacation. Nothing brings down the feeling of sophisticated luxury in a space quite like a huge black television placed front and center. If fancy mirrors that conceal the TV aren’t in your budget, you can consider creating a gallery wall around it to visually minimize it. If you want to invest in a piece of art for your posh living room, it is important that you do proper research. Look through as many catalogues and galleries as possible before you decide and finalise your selection. If you are looking for something that will attract attention to your living room wall, you might want to look at the latest trends. If you are going for a classy look, the best option for you are paintings that are in muted shades or in black and white.

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Coco Chanel

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