Published on 04 Feb, 2017

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We cook, eat and spend our morning routines in it, so it is very important to design it in a way that makes us feel comfortable and truly at home. If you feel that your budget is stopping you from achieving that dream design and functionality you’ve always wanted, it is high time you started thinking outside the box. There are lots of tricks that can help you transform your kitchen without spending a fortune doing it and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Kitchen Lighting

The first thing you notice walking into a kitchen is the light, whether it is natural or coming from the ceiling. If you don’t have lots of natural light flowing in through big French windows, stunning light fixtures can still make your kitchen look like a million bucks. If the only source of light is a simple ceiling lamp or a chandelier, consider adding a few extra fixtures. Additional lighting can make wonders, especially over the eating area. If you want to add a bit of style and functionality, under-cabinet LED light bars are perfect for illuminating countertops and prep areas. They come in a wide variety of lengths and can fully illuminate even the longest countertops. While you’re at it, consider replacing your existing light bulbs with LED ones. They use less energy and emit more light, so you’ve got the perfect excuse to brighten up your home.


No matter if you’re remodeling, refreshing, or designing your kitchen from scratch, picking the right appliances can make all the difference. Modern kitchens these days are incomplete without a dishwasher, a range cooker, a microwave, and a powerful extractor hood. Our advice here is to not put too great of an emphasis on brand and focus more on functionality and design. All appliances sold today tend to perform solidly and offer long guarantee periods. Feel free to choose stylish appliances that fit your overall design and blend well with the rest of the kitchen. Well designed appliances are a must and can be the finishing touch to a kitchen masterpiece.

Kitchen Islands

Modern kitchen islands have the functionality of pull out drawers and offer extra storage for your cooking utensils. If your kitchen has the necessary surface area, definitely go for a large countertop and make a statement. A standalone central island can be the main focus of the room and you can use it to complement the overall design without spending too much. You can have shelves for cookbooks, glass food jars, or any other nice decorative finish. Be bold and think outside the box.

Wood in the Kitchen

Kitchen Furniture

Nowadays you can mix wood with glass, metal, and fabrics in order to make your kitchen truly unique and modern. Don’t feel compelled to use expensive materials such as natural stone or modern solid-surfacing materials for your countertop. Wood is a great affordable alternative, comes in a variety of styles, and, despite popular perception, does not harbor gems and bacteria. You can add a bold touch with two-legged chairs that ensure your sit-down breakfast is as healthy as possible. The choice of furniture is practically unlimited, but be careful and have a design plan you make sure is strictly followed. If combining colors and materials is not your forte, be smart and find a friend with a knack for design. The choice of furniture can as easily lead to disaster as to kitchen heaven.

Kitchen Plants

If modern European style is your thing, place plants in white clay pots and call it a day. It may seem that the kitchen is not the best place for flowers, but it can actually be the perfect spot for some types of plants. Decorative ones such as begonias, ficus, aloe, fern, lemon, coffee, laurels, and decorative pepper are suitable for the extreme kitchen atmosphere. You can even make your own herb garden in the kitchen by choosing a sunny location and positioning your pots directly beneath your windows. The best edibles to grow indoors are basil, parsley, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, lemon grass, mint, oregano, cilantro, and thyme. Be sure to not go over the top with too many of them and you can have a stunning kitchen atmosphere (literally) without spending too much.

Big or small, fancy or simple, make sure that you love your kitchen. In the end, it is the place where we cook and eat our meals and, as every good cook knows, love is the secret ingredient. Plan well, be smart, and don’t be afraid to be bold. We promise it is worth it.

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