Published on 21 Nov, 2016

Hello, World! These are words we’ve been waiting to publish for so long now. Finally, we are online and we are ready to share what brought us here in the first place.

Let us start the story from the beginning. Before Flattro was an idea in our heads, we were working on building websites and online platforms, optimizing them and taking care of customer relationships for our clients, who came from the home improvement industry in the UK, particularly construction and refurbishment. In a word, we were managing their online presence, sales, and customer care. We were watching them struggle to find good projects where they could excel in what they did best. On the other hand, we encountered a multitude of homeowners who were feeling frustrated with their own home improvement projects, because they could not find a reliable builder to do the job properly. We had homeowners literally cry over the phone after a rogue builder devastated their home.

As time passed by, we couldn’t help but start thinking that something in the home improvement sector is seriously amiss. On the one hand, home improvement projects cost homeowners significant amount of money and on the other, experiences tend to be a hit and miss for both parties. Homeowners struggle with finding good advice and reliable service, while contractors invest a lot of time and resources in client acquisition instead of what they are really good at.

Then it hit us! This was happening, because all parties involved in the transactions did not have proper access to information. When we analyzed the online market, where the majority of people now look for information, it turned out that Google results were largely useless, because of a variety of factors, including, but not limited to paid search engine optimization, enormous marketing expenditure by start-ups, and last, but not least, the inability of Google to properly gauge the appropriateness of certain results.

So here we are! Flattro aims to solve all these problems and our ultimate goal is that homeowners and tradespeople waste as little time, effort and stress in transacting with each other as possible. It sounds simple, but in reality it involves a lot of work and commitment. Given that we aim to do this better than anyone currently in the market, we are prepared to give our best and then some. We have a great many ideas that can transform the home improvement experience and we can’t wait to share them with you! We hope you will enjoy the journey as much as we do!

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