Published on 03 May, 2017

Boho chic is the style to have when it comes to fashion lately, but have you ever seriously considered applying it to your home? We have and we’ve got some tips to share.

What is Boho Chic

Boho is short for bohemian, which comes from the french word for gipsy and applies to those who live wild, free, and by their own rules. Therefore, boho chic doesn’t have any particular rules to follow and is as diverse as the individuals who choose to embrace the bohemian philosophy. If you like the more traditional and orderly style, you might want to give this a pass. Boho is for people who love using bright colours, bizarre paintings, and plenty of patterns all mixed together. Bohemian style is the ultimate way to express your inner hippie.


The best way to achieve that boho look is to choose furniture with bright colours. Go for the vibrant pink, shiny yellow, electric green, or ocean blue. A stack of pillows in solid colours and different patterns will make your home even more unique, just like you. Some popular boho chic patterns you can use are Mandala, Patchwork or Aztec. Mandala is the sanskrit word for circle and symbolises the universe and community. Patchwork is as simple as it sounds and Aztec focuses heavily on traditional patterns of the South American natives. It is common to use pieces of furniture from different time periods and areas of the world grouped together. You can refresh your vintage furniture with new fabrics. Swinging chairs and hammocks tied up with macrame-style knots are boho indeed. Use an old chest with a pillow on the top for an extra seat in the living room. Nothing is off limits with this “out of the box” style. Go funky with it!

Mandala Pattern

Home Decor

Colourful chandeliers are often used as centerpieces in bohemian spaces. You can also use decorative candles, potted plants, and vases with different shapes, sizes and colours. If you can’t decide what kind of rug you like the most, it is okay. Bohemian style embraces the use of overlapping layers, so you can easily put all four of your favourite rugs in the living room! You can choose from oriental patterns, jute and any other fabric, shape, or colour you fancy. Be creative and express your inner universe through the style of your home. Nothing is off limits.

If you want to shine with your own unique style, you should definitely go Boho. It is true this is not the style for everyone, but if you’ve always been a hippie inside and want to make your home truly unique and unconventional, Boho is one of your best options around. It is fun and different, just like you!

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